Q: How can I change how many products it should show in “Most popular” block?

A: “Most popular” block is displayed via static block.

First, you should create a separate category (for example, "MostPopular") for this section and add products to it. They must be inactive to be hidden in the main navigation. Please see the following screenshot:

Create new Magento category

Please remember the ID of this category.

Second, open left_info_block or right_info_block to edit. The code is:

Do not forget to replace "PopularProductsCategoryID" with the ID of the newly created category.

"Most Popular" is a widget. If you remove this code, the “Most popular” block will be removed.

So the products displayed in that block should be taken from a certain hidden category that you have set for the “Most Popular” block. And how many products are there in the hidden category - as many displays in the "Most Popular" block.

Q: where is the file popular.phtml?

A: The file is here:

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