Q:I imported reviews from our Amazon product to several products on my website those days. But it failure again after those two days without any change. The fields under Amazon Import Product sections will be update but none review be imported to this product.

A: Some data is taken from the API. which works without problems. Reviews are taken from the product pages on Amazon site. And Amazon sometimes (nowadays very often) give captcha page instead of the actual page. The same problem is in our demo. And it works this way.

You use extension for some time, Amazon gives normal pages, and in some moment it put your server to spam list, after that you need to solve a captcha per session (per process). In our demo captcha solver is not set.

Amаzon blocks html output if frequent requests are sent

You need to add a captcha solver.

We use deathbycaptcha.com service to solve captcha. There is a way to add captcha solver account in the extension settings

This article is related to the Amazon Products Manager extension. This useful Magento plugin allows you to easily import Amazon products into Magento.


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