Q: Can i still sell my physical goods (my own warehouse) in the same Magento store together with this extension?

A: Yes, you would be able to use your own products. Products imported by our extension are the same as regular Magento products.

Q: How about if one customer add 1 Amazon product and 1 my own warehouse product in the shopping cart? How the extension handle this situation? Will it split the shopping cart?

A: There are different possible add-to-cart actions:

  1. Redirect to Amazon product details page
  2. Redirect to Amazon cart with this product
  3. Redirect to Magento cart and after clicking checkout redirect to Amazon cart.

The best option for handling both Amazon and non Amazon products is to use the second options. When Amazon products after clicking "add to cart" button lead your visitors right to the Amazon cart. So they avoid Magento checkout process.

In the third case if there are non Amazon products in Amazon cart - they are simply ignored and there is no way to purchase them. So Magento products are ignored, they can not go to the Amazon cart. And can not be purchased.

There is also an option to handle Amazon products as regular Magento products. In this case you would have to handle payments and delivery on your own.

Q: Can i have a site with a few hundred drop-ship products from a vendor and use Amazon products as well? I suppose i would not use Amazon checkout.

A: If you are not going to use Amazon checkout and handle checkout on your own processor - no problem with that. There are options to hide all references to Amazon and treat all products as your own. In this case you would simply use our extension as a content base.

This article is related to the Amazon Products Manager Magento extension.

This useful Magento plugin allows you to easily import Amazon products into Magento. "Checkout on Amazon" option enables integration between Magento and Amazon carts. You can add products to Magento cart and checkout button would transfer cart to Amazon cart. The affiliate code is kept in Amazon Cart for up to 90 days. You can get affiliate commissions even if your visitor waits 3 months to buy.