Q: Can I automatically update prices of products already in my catalog (previously added manually, not imported with your extension) with AmazonĀ“s prices using your extension? Matching MPN or SKU...?

A: If your products have ASIN, you may create a script which would copy ASINs to wp_amazon_asin attribute, also you can alter wp_amazon_locale to proper value. Possible locale values are: us,uk,it,de,cn,in etc. Our extension would be able to sync them.
Matching MPN would require some development.

Q: If I understand you correctly, if the product is preexisting product (ie there's a product and it has the ASIN and the Amazon Local option values filled in), then rather than creating a new product on import, the extension will populate the pre-existing product. Is that correct?

A: The extension would not import the product with the same ASIN, but it would try to sync this product.

Q: We currently use a unique SKU that is not the same as the ASIN. Will the extension overwrite the sku with the ASIN number as shown in the demo?

A: If you remove SKU from Sync options, the extension will not change SKU.

This article is related to the Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension.

This useful Magento plugin allows you to easily import Amazon products into Magento and keep stocks and prices in touch with actual Amazon products data.


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