How does prices are calculated in synchronization? I need to keep the calculation (price = price * pA / 100 + pB) in synchronization.

Now this formula will be applied in sync:

  • New Price = Converted Price + Converted Price * pA / 100 + pB.
  • Final Price = New Price + New Price * pC / 100.

Options may be set individually for every products. If you go to the section Amazon Import Products on the product page in the backend. There would be options:

  • Price Adjustment, pA (%)
  • Price Adjustment, pB
  • Price Adjustment, pC (%)

pA - is a percentage adjustment, for example, you have an Amazon price $100, you set pA field to 15, your final price would be $100 + 15% = $115

pB - is a fixed value adjustment. For example, you set pB to 25, The Amazon price is $125, the final price would be $125 + $25 = $150

pC - is also a percentage adjustment applied after pA and pB values changes the price.

Q: I have been importing products with a 50% mark up on the Amazon Price, I have now decided that I would like to change my mark up to 80% and wondered if this was possible? I have tried to do this by changing my settings and syncing but the price hasn't gone up.

A: These fields are set during import. You can make a bulk attributes change. Get to the product list, check all products, select action Update attributes and find proper attributes to change.

For example Price Adjustment, pA (%)
After update, products should be synced

Q: When I change the% PA, does not change the price in my catalog.

A: It will only change after the product is synchronized.

Q: Can i import products from Amazon using your Amazon Product Manager extension and display the prices in my locale currency? How does the currency conversion happen?

A: Yes, the currency conversion is based on a default Magento functionality. Rates are placed at System->Manage Currency->Rates section.

Amazon Products Manager extension allows you to easily import Amazon products into Magento.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to calculate price in Amazon - Magento synchronization.


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