Is it possible to search Amazon products using the category node ID (BrowseNode)?

What are Amazon browse nodes?

Amazon uses a hierarchy of nodes to organize its items for sale. Each node represents a collection of items for sale, such as Harry Potter books, not the items themselves. Amazon calls the nodes, browse nodes because the customer can browse through the nodes to find the collection of items that interests them. Browse nodes are related in a hierarchical structure. More info:

Yes, you can search by category node ID. Product categories are marked with links.

1 Select proper main category.

2 Put product keywords or title.

4 Find several products and stop the search.

5 In the list of found products find the one which is in the right category. This does not work when you searching by ASIN.
Find out an ID of the Amazon category - Amazon Products Manager Extension

6 Click the category number (BrowseNode) to set custom category.

7 Clear list if you don't need these products.

8 Continue further product search using selected category.
Set the Amazon category node number  - Amazon Products Manager Extension

Video tutorial - How to find any Amazon category (BrowseNode) easily

This is a step-by-step guide on how to filter Amazon products using Amazon Magento Extension.

This useful Magento extension allows you to easily find and import Amazon products into Magento.


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