Navigate to WEAmazon->Settings-> Customer Reviews

There are two options "Load Amazon customer reviews as Magento reviews (not API) - Yes/No" and "Include customer reviews in a product description inside an iframe" - "Yes/No".

Display Amazon reviews in the iFrame (available in Free version)

Magento Amazon extension - Display Amazon reviews in iFrame

Post Amazon reviews as Magento native reviews (this is parsing functionality)

Note. Reviews are not loaded instantly, since they are parsed from the site. Amazon might delay the answer or temporarily block parser. So we have set 5s wait timeout and 10s load timeout for review loading function. If reviews were not loaded with the product import, they would be loaded later during synchronization.

Also you can associate the Amazon rating with the Magento rating.

Magento Amazon extension - Post Amazon reviews as Magento native reviews

This article is related to the Get Amazon reviews Magento Extension.

This extension allows you to easily import Amazon product reviews into Magento and post it on your eCommerce site as Magento native reviews or display it in a special Amazon reviews iFrame..


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