This is a feature of the Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension

This feature allows to prepare Magento product attributes before saving during import (synchronization) process from Amazon API. Take data delivered by the Amazon API and generate any Magento product attribute (Size, Color, Weight, Brand, etc) from it. Please do the following actions:

  • Download this zip file (it is included in the package since version)
  • Unpack it to the root Magento folder
  • Open file / app / code / local / WP / Amazonimportproductsaddon / Model / Observers.php
  • Place required code inside the process() function
This is the example code for setting Size attribute of the product:

As you can see, you can take any data delivered by the Amazon API and generate any product Attribute (Size, Brand, Color, Weight, Label, Material, etc.) from it. You can also manage product attributes here. For example, apply automatic translation or unification routine to a product description, etc.

Q: I want to map the shipping weight attribute to my back end magento in product view so that I can add more profit onto the items that have a heavier shipping weight. Can you tell me how I do this? Or what I put into the var attr I’ve done the attribute on my admin

A: There is a package weight attribute delivered by the API and it can be mapped to proper product attribute. But it is different from weight and shipping modules should be able to take this weight attribute in calculations. I guess the easiest way is to map package weight to product weight.

It is in the System->Config->Amazon Import-> Map attributes section, you can map almost any attribute there.

There is a small guide there on how to do that. I usually use for weight field this

Expression with Amazon API Attribute:
{{var attr="PackageDimensions/Weight/_"}}

Q: I’ve got it to import the shipping weight but its now imported in pounds, how do I get it to import in ounces?

A: You can use math equations like
[{{var attr="weight"}} * 16] - this would give ounces if the weight is in pounds.

Q: Ive got it to import the age and then the age units as two separate attributes but how do import as one ie on my website i want customers to shop by age ie 6 years. At the moment its importing 6 and then another attribute is importing years, how do I do it as one ie 6 years so that I can place on my website as shop by age and 6 years?

A: In this case you may use a custom php function.

This article for Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension.


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