I recently installed the Amazon Products Manager but apparently this database table was not set up properly. The following table is missing: `Amazonimportproducts`. Exact error message is: base table or view not found 1146 What should I do?

  1. Disable cache.
  2. Disable compilation.
  3. Unpack the latest version of the extension to the root of Magento directory.
  4. Run this sql query for Magento DB (e.g. in PhpMyAdmin area)
  5. DELETE FROM `core_resource` WHERE `code` = 'Amazonimportproducts_setup' LIMIT 1;
  6. Login to the backend again

This article is related to the Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension.

Fast and easy import any products you would like to sell on your Magento eCommerce site. Simply use Amazon as a content storage - import amazon products content, categories, descriptions, images, sizes. Forget about copy-paste.


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