This article for Amazon Products Manager Magento plugin. It designed to help import description, images, prices, reviews, stocks and other product attributes from Amazon to Magento.

Amazon to Magento integration

Checkout on Amazon

New option "Checkout on Amazon" is available.

This option enables integration between Magento and Amazon carts. You can add products to Magento cart and checkout button would transfer cart to Amazon cart.

Send products from Magento shopping cart to Amazon Checkout with your Affiliate ID. You can get commissions even if your visitor waits 3 months to buy.

Fixed bugs

Fixed bug with loop-redirect when option `Redirect to Amazon special page by clicking "Add to Cart" button` is set to "Amazon Product Page" value.

Fixed bug with iframe Amazon reviews layout when a page is opened via https.

Changed routine which automatically disable products after sync.

If API get zero result for the Amazon product, the product would be disabled in the Magento (if proper option is set in the settings page). This product is not removed from the sync list. If you need to remove such products from the sync list, you would have to do that manually.


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