This article for Amazon Magento extension that can import products from Amazon into Magento. It takes all data available for Amazon products: title, prices, product images and full products descriptions.

In short

You need to define ASIN number for this product. You also need to define a Locale (Amazon marketplace) in which this product is placed.

Step-by-step guide

  • 1 Navigate to Magento extension settings --> section "Synchronization settings".
    Set "Images" value for the "Updated product attributes" field and click "Save config" button.
    Import amazon product images to Magento
  • 2 Navigate to product details for which images has to be imported.
  • 3 When you edit this product navigate to "Amazon Import Products" tab.
  • Fill the form:
    - Amazon Local; This is a shop which the product would be synced with (possible values: us, uk, de, jp, fr, ca, it, cn, es);
    - Amazon Standard Item Number (ASIN); unique identifier for any product in the Amazon store;
    - Sync with Amazon; set this field to "1" value.
  • 4 Repeat actions 2-3 for other products if required.
  • 5 Navigate to WP: Amazon Import > Synchronization section Make sure that all products for synchronization has "Sync Status" set to "Included" value.
  • 6 Click "Reset parking status for all products" button in order to reset time block for the sync process.
  • 7 Click"Synchronize information manually" button. Wait till non zero value would appear for the field "Number of a cycle of synchronization" field and click "Stop" button after that.
  • Make sure that product images are imported.

Note 1: If you click "Reload" link, all data would be loaded which is stated in the "Updated product attributes" field. Not only selected ones. Be careful!

Note 2: If there are no image imported for the Magento product and there were no errors during the sync process, there might be no image for the product at all. You can check this by opening the product page on the Amazon store itself using ASIN number. It might appear that there are no product with such ASIN.


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