It looks like new Amazon Associate policy. Amazon recently changed their policy on getting Amazon Product API keys. You now need to be fully approved to get access.

Your ***** key is not registefed as an Amazon Associate. Please registeer as an associate at

If your Amazon Associate account closed (Amazon suspended your account). What can you do in this case?

  • Check the significant change in Amazon Associate policy
  • You can try to contact Amazon Associate to restore your account
  • You can check our Amazon Data Extraction Engine. It can crawl, extract and parse content from Amazon directly avoid Affiliate API.

Significant change in Amazon Associate policy

(h) You will not store or cache Product Advertising Content consisting of an image, but you may store a link to Product Advertising Content consisting of an image for up to 24 hours. You may store other Product Advertising Content that does not consist of images for caching purposes for up to 24 hours, but if you do so you must immediately thereafter refresh and re-display the Product Advertising Content by making a call to the PA API or retrieving a new Data Feed and refreshing the Product Advertising Content on your application immediately thereafter. Unless otherwise notified by us, you may store individual Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) for an indefinite period until the termination of this License. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if your application includes a client application, the client application may not store or cache Product Advertising Content. Upon our request you will, within three business days of our request, furnish us with a copy of any client application that includes or uses Product Advertising Content for the purpose of verifying your compliance with this License.

Do you have Affiliate Disclosure page on your site? Maybe you have to little content or you copied content or images from Amazon instead of linking? You will need to eliminate these issues.

Check the video about new policy requirements. Hope this helps

How to restore your account

Email to Amazon Associate. For example, you can explain 'I am building the site now" and ask if they could approve you. Or you can say "Advising my site was completed and I have just begun advertising"..

Amazon Data Extraction Engine

It s stand alone automate capture and data extraction solution.

  • It can extract quantity, price, description, images, reviews from Amazon directly.
  • It use rotating proxies and captcha solvers to ensure Amazon website access.
  • On a dedicated server + rotating proxy account it is capable to sync about 200k links every day.
  • You will get options to sort out your search results and various option for fine tune out results.
  • All the data will be exported in any format you need or you can integrate with a database.

I want to Scrape E-commerce data

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Affiliates policy important information

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