Versions 4.6.3 and earlier are affected by configurable product's issues.

Price of the configurable product. Added a possibility to specify configurable product price in most easy cases.

The price is set for configurable products when:

  • there is only one configurable attribute
  • when there are two or more configurable attributes but only one of them has different values for the product

Creation of configurable product. Fixed some bugs related to configurable products creation/update. Like setting visibility, synchronize prices.

Attributes of configurable product. Found potential issues related to configurable products. Some variation products does not have a configurable attribute value in the API data. That is why such products can not be combined into a configurable. Some parent products have a very little data given by the API unlike to child products: images, description.

Thank you to the reporters of these issues for practicing responsible disclosure. Please check our demo.

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