Amazon has changed a logic related to offers pages serving. Which blocked simple access to offers page.

Why scrapers cannot scrape Amazon offers page?

When you do a search, you can see that a product has some offers. If you click "offers" link, you can see all the offers. However, if you just inserted a link to the offers page into a browser and went to the product offers page, you would likely get an empty offers page.

You can't see offers page until you have some browsing history. We discovered that Amazon Data Extraction Engine could not see offers page because the offers page is blank if the visitor does not have certain cookies.

In this case, rotating proxies would not work, since we need to preserve cookies.

Important Amazon Data Extraction Engine update

Amazon Scraper Engine works with cookies

Amazon tracks cookies for the offer page now. The only way to scrape offers by a robot is to generate a user-like behavior. It requires a reverse request order (first product page, second offers page) because offers page is always retrieved after the product page for the real browsing.

Our parser already works with cookies.

Waht is Amazon Data Extraction Engine?

High performance tool for crawl, extract and parse content from Amazon. On a dedicated server plus rotating proxy account it is capable to sync hundreds of thousands of Amazon products every day.

Offers page and Product page are scraped. You can easily extract quantity, price, description, images, title, reviews from Amazon directly. You can set the system to scrape by certain sellers and get most of the data from it.

The best solution for regular and private Amazon scraping and data extraction purposes.

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