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Limitation of frequency requests to Amazon Advertising API

Now the Advertising API often getting below error

Amazon API call error. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.

It seems Amazon has changed the access limits to API. This message is not blocking the process completely, some requests should pass through.

First, you need to decrease the number of threads. This issue quite clearly states, that your account limits have been reached. The only way to avoid this message is to decrease the number of requests per moment of time.

There is not much we can do to remove the issue, that is the new API limitation. So there is a way to increase limits, but this is a request to the Amazon service.

We guess you can get higher limits if you contact Amazon.

The good news is that all you see on a product page on Amazon can be extracted using HTML parser. This script will import all product details from any Amazon site.

I want to get Amazon data

Amazon Advertising API

Amazon Advertising API is developed to give you to request the Amazon catalog, either with search keywords or by choosing specific products and extract information about those items.

With Amazon Advertising API you can get access to a lot of Amazon data including the products for sale, customer reviews, price, quantity as well as most of the information you see on pages.

Product Advertising API operations allow you to take advantage of Amazon's complex e-commerce data, data analysis, and functionality.

A new way to Amazon Data Extraction

High performance tool for crawl, extract and parse content from Amazon. With this solution you can scrape Amazon stock, price, description, images, title and sync it with your system. You can easily get this data from Amazon directly.

It is easy to configure the Engine for certain needs - like to scrape data with only prime offers, not to take international merchants. Also you can exclude products like Addons, which are not sold alone, or sold with additional fee.

Please share your experiences or concerns about using Amazon Advertising API below.

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