Option to limit the number of images

Some of our clients do not need too many images per each product. In average 100 thousands of products eat around 50 GB of space. Therefore, we have added two options to limit the number of products.

You can find them in WEAmazon->Additional section

Amazon Parser Scrapper tool

Configurable products

Found and fixed a bug related to configurable products. Some of the attributes are only available in the configurable product API response. Now this case is handled properly.

As you may know, only one main issue related to configurable products persists. That is the prices calculations. Due to a different format of price calculations between Magento product and Amazon variation, complete price reflection is not possible.

The extension calculates prices properly in a few cases:

  • When only one configurable attribute
  • When there are two attributes, but one of the attributes has only one position (like one color or only one size)

This issue is handled by third party extension which make configurable product to use simple product prices. There are a dozen of such extensions over the market starting from $30.

/var/log folder

Fixed a small but nasty issue related to a missing /var/log folder.

How to import and sync thousands of products

Overall, the extension now allows you to import/sync thousands of products from Amazon to your Magento site. Since Magento itself is quite heavy and affiliate API requests rate is now limited by Amazon, please check our Amazon Parser solutions.

It will allow to sync/update much more products having the same server resources.

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