Redirecting Magento cart to Amazon cart

Proper transfer Magento to Amazon Cart

Fixed errors with Amazon Cart, added support and proper qty handling for configurable products.

Previously qty update and product remove actions in Magento cart were not properly transferred to Amazon cart. i.e. it was not possible to update any products qty in Amazon cart by changing it in Magento cart.

Previously extension tried to add main product to Amazon cart instead of related variation. Which caused qty collisions, since allowed qty of the main product is different from each product variation.

So redirecting Magento cart to Amazon cart works as expected now.

Response Group variations

We work on proper Response Group variations usage. Amazon API Response groups help filter the product information you want returned. Each operation can only use some of the available response groups. Some Response Groups returns a lot of information about items in the response. And it gets "Too many requests" error.

The maximum API request rate may vary across regions. By default, API requests are limited to 500 req/s across all APIs in the account, and also for a specific method in an API stage.

Product Advertising API - Response Groups

We plan to create precise required response groups in extension to avoid API requests limit error. This enhansement must appear in the next version of the extension.

Integrate your Magento store with Amazon

Integrate your Magento store with the first internet retailer Amazon. The Amazon Magento extension has different possible add-to-cart Magento actions.

  • Redirect to Amazon product details page. The customers will be redirected to Amazon product page when they click on the “Add to cart” button on Magento store.
  • Redirect to Amazon cart with this product. That means that the users will be redirected to Amazon when they click on the “Add to cart” button.
  • Redirect to Magento cart and after clicking "Checkout" button redirect to Amazon cart. Your customers can add Amazon products to cart and checkout with multiple items at a time. Also, because of the 90 days cookie function, the items will remain into the Amazon Cart for 90 days!
  • You can use regular Magento cart as well. Magento treats imported products as native Magento products

Also you can synchronise Magento with Amazon: products, stock levels, sales and shipments. Please check the extension page on our site for more information.

Magento Amazon extension LIVE DEMO - Frontend Magento Amazon extension LIVE DEMO - Backend

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