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Premium Magento Templates

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  • Health & Beauty Magento Template

    Health & Beauty Magento Template
    Price: $169.00
    Health & Beauty is a responsive theme for stores that sell drugs, pharmaceuticals, skin and body care products.
  • Full-width Magento Template

    Full-width Magento Template
    Price: $249.00
    Unlimited colors. Responsive and Retina. It is a new concept of Magento eCommerce theme.
  • LightShop Green Magento Template

    LightShop Green Magento Template
    Price: $169.00
    LightShop Green is responsive Magento Theme for crafts, home décor, home textiles, accessories, flowers, eco-products, health products, and visual arts and gift shops.
  • Perfect White Magento Template

    Perfect White Magento Template
    Price: $169.00
    Responsive fashionable european design style White Magento theme. Black and White color schemes to choose and unlimited colors option. Many free eCommerce extensions included.
  • SexToys Magento Template

    SexToys Magento Template
    Price: $169.00
    Sex Toys (Adult Magento theme, Lingerie Magento theme) is a Magento theme designed for stores that sell adult toys, sex toys, sexy lingerie. The theme is available in pink and black skins to choose from and has Unlimited color option.
  • RTL Magento template

    RTL Magento template
    Price: $169.00
    RTL language layout responsive Magento template is Right to Left edition of our Lightshop Green theme.
  • Lightshop Pink Magento Template

    Lightshop Pink Magento Template
    Price: $169.00
    Responsive Pink Magento Theme is perfect for showcasing women’s clothing, spa, makeup products, lingerie, jewelry and any other visually appealing items.
  • Hightech Magento Template

     Hightech Magento Template
    Price: $169.00
    It is a fresh, beautifully complex and customizable template with many applications in business. It is perfect for online stores selling electronics, gadgets, TVs, photo, video, phones and accessories.

1. Our demo stores sell
Amazon Advertising API is used to load products to our demo Magento shops. Loading products this way is very easy. This makes the presentation closer to a real Magento shop. All our demo stores do sell products for real. However this is only a demo stores without chat/phone support, without product advertising etc.

2. Highest quality
Themes accommodate any product specification. Unlike to many third party themes which look good only with product names of a certain length. Our demo sites display products from Amazon.

3. Professional architecture
Easy to customize. Minimum required changes to the system.

Overall good things we do: your success is our goal
You might check live stores based on our products. If you find our products unuseful, please take your money back!

Premium Magento Extensions

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  • Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension

    Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension
    Price: $295.00
    Extension designed to help Amazon affiliates import products from Amazon to Magento (images, product description, price, stock, reviews), direct buy now link leading to Amazon payment page. Auto sync stocks. Flexible filtering. Search & load by ASIN.
  • Total Slider Manager Magento Extension

    Total Slider Manager Magento Extension
    Price: $95.00
    Total Slider Manager is the most powerful slider / banner extension for Magento. Get 7 sliders in one extension! Without touching any code, you can create multiple sliders that can be included anywhere.
  • Smart Catalog Magento Extension

    Smart Catalog Magento Extension
    Price: $75.00
    Smart Catalog is the first responsive configurable catalog with a toolbar. Magento extension features: no paging, AJAX product loader, AJAX pagination and filtering. Configurable image size and column width. Responsive Promo category.
  • OnePage Checkout Magento Extension

    OnePage Checkout Magento Extension
    Price: $75.00
    OnePage Checkout highly simplifies the checkout process. Magento extension features: guest checkout, customer comments with order, gift options, discount coupons, different shipping address, create an account, sign up for newsletter, terms and conditions. Responsive layout.
  • Shipping Price Calculator Magento Extension

    Shipping Price Calculator Magento Extension
    Price: $30.00
    Magento shipping extension. Enter a state, zip code, country to get the published rates for that location. You can provide shipping rates live on Magento product page.

Free Magento Templates and Extensions

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Free Magento themes are perfect for those who would like to give Magento a try. All free Magento templates may be downloaded immediately and used in your own creations.

Magento eCommerce / Our News

Working room

New guide for Responsive Custom Menu Free Magento Extension

Responsive Custom Menu with RWD Magento template


New guide for Amazon Products Manager Magento extension

How to manage attributes of Amazon products in Magento step-by-step guide


New guide for Amazon Products Manager Magento extension

Tutorial how to manage prices of Amazon products in Magento


New guide for Simple Products Generator Magento extension

How to change SKU for simple products.


Magento Amazon Integration - use case

This shop was created using Amazon Product Manager (APM). There are more than 10000 products loaded from Amazon. The database size is about 1 Gb.


Latest updates

Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension 4.2.0

If merchant has stopped to sell a product it would be marked as out of stock in Magento. "Disable out-of-stock products" option. Changes in a Amazon merchant list parsing. Now "condition" option is parsed for merchants. More info: Magento Amazon Products Manager 4.2.0


Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension 4.0.0

Import to Magento all provided attributes from the Amazon API. You can easily filter products by certain category. Load hi-res images right from the Amazon product description.


Custom Menu Magento Extension 2.9.0

Fixed bug with highlighting selected category when Ajax Custom Menu loading is enabled. Removed option "Replace spaces with non-breaking spaces". Removed base64 content encrypting (potential SEO problem)


Amazon Products Manager Magento Extension 3.6.0

Code optimization for product importing routine and synchronization routine. What's new in the Amazon Products Manager 3.6.0


Introduction to Magento

New Magento guides

How to make Facebook Likebox responsive. Magento add to cart issue on caching new products / New.php block.

New useful article about Magento’s Performance

Dear shop owners please check this useful article "4 Simple but Effective Ways to Improve Magento’s Performance" at

How to move the Custom Magento Menu code to the footer

Q: I wish to move the custom menu code so that when I view the source code of the website it appears after the content of the page. I've been hit by Google's Panda algorithm which has seen my page listing drop and traffic halve. I'm hoping to try to please google by making my page content more prominent (higher up in the page), rather than after a load of menu links. Could you point me to the files and code I'd have to move around please.

A: Please see the guide: How to move the menu code to the footer

How to remove a link to Web-Experiment from the footer

Guide for free templates downloaded before June 4th 2013

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Best Magento stores based on our templates

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  • Full-width Magento Template

    Best store based on Full-width Magento Theme - WEARUNIQUE - Great design Ideas! - Home design, gift ideas
  • LightShop Green Magento Template

    Best store based on LightShop Green Magento Theme
    GMT2000 Materiale per agopuntura e medicine complementari
  • Perfect White Magento Template

    Best store based on Perfect White Magento Theme - Scrittura Elegante - Klassieke schrijfwaren en kalligrafie
  • Health & Beauty Magento Template

    Best store based on Health & Beauty Magento Theme - Welcome to Nu Skin Direct | Nu Skin - The Difference. Demonstrated
  • LightShop Pink Magento Template

    Best store based on LightShop Pink Magento Theme ein schweizer Onlineshop für Bastelbedarf
  • Zeta Magento Template

    Best store based on Zeta Magento Theme - Stoffe, Stoffware, Taschen und Trends von Hilco


Unique Magento template design that fits your business perfectly offers a wide choice of nice looking and easily editable Premium Magento Themes and lets you find the most appropriate design for your online store. Whatever design you choose, it’ll be easy to use and customize.

  • Magento eCommerce Latest Version
    A powerful engine that includes the widest list of solutions and functions for successful online sales.
  • Impressive graphics
    A quality template will engage your audience in a light and fun manner that leaves them relaxed and wanting more. That means the Magento theme you choose needs to reflect your business, make people feel welcome, and set the relaxed tone for your site. Your site should allow your visitors to intuitively find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • Magento Intelligent Support
    Comprehensive set of maintenance and support. Get support for Magento platform, Magento themes and more.

We are excited about an opportunity to work with you and your company. Discover the level of excellence that we provide, and why we are considered the leaders in the industry.

Key benefits of our Magento themes

  • Perfect Magento design
  • Extensive detalisation
    Most features you might need are already in place, just remove things you do not need
  • Easy Magento theme customization
    Professional css and html gives you flexible structure which you can easily bring to your requirements
  • Good support
    Most of our themes are started from Magento CE version 1.4 and support up to Magento CE 1.8
  • Time saving business ideology
    Sample data which might save you days of website setup. Import/export features for the slider manager. Detailed guides

Magento eCommerce platform

Latest  stable Magento CE version is Some advantages of the new version are:

  1. Optimized Layered Navigation for pricing
  2. Added CAPTCHA support for admin and customer users
  3. Added different base price per customer group
  4. Added auto generation of coupon codes
  5. Improved the basic Backup and Rollback functionality
  6. Added EU VAT ID validation service integration
  7. Implemented DHL for Europe
  8. Added REST API
  9. Mobile theme was redesigned
  10. Implemented the frontend Cookie Restriction functionality (EU cookie law compliance)
  11. Added the Cash On Delivery and Bank Transfer payment methods

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