We have a combined experience of over 8 years within custom web development and e-commerce software. For the last 5 years, our focus has mostly been around web data extraction and web analytics.

Use case: parsing results from the search results page

Crawl, extract and parse content from some target websites. Desired behavior for the script: load search phrases list from file provided by customer and automatically enter the search window of each site. Obtain the necessary items and images from the search result page. Data acquisition is done on a regular basis.

parsing results from the search results page

We have created parsing profiles for target sites. The Data Extraction Engine acquires data and images of search results (product pages) obtained on the target site using the list of search phrases.

Parsing profiles have complicated logic as there are some cases where search results represented as a branch to reaching the data.

The parser gets a list of all branches and parses its output. We have created some basic profile, which makes the search and gets the poster of the product and related information such as product title, item description, product images, screenshot.

The nature of this web data extraction work is confidential.

Waht is Web Data Extraction Engine.

High performance tool for crawl, extract and parse content from websites. It allows extract data from sites that uses anti-scraping technology. Data found on each page can be structured differently depending on its information. Get your data in a format most useful to you.

The best solution for web data scraping and extraction purposes.

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