If you are not that familiar with Magento, our tutorials will show you how to create everything you need. The Magento Expert System has helpful hints throughout to let you know what everything does.

Most template documentation includes the following features

  • Template installation guide
  • Customizable category display (includes large, medium, small, and extra- small image displays; and image format for clothes). You can change the size of product images on the Home page and customize all category displays.
  • Static content (includes news, testimonials, brands, and highlighted categories)
  • Total Slider Manager installation guide
  • Total Slider Manager user guides (including "How to create slider,” "How to insert slider," "How to create a testimonials slider," and "How to insert slider into category page")
  • Total Slider Manager settings special for templates (including Nicole slider settings, Xandra slider settings, Krista slider settings, Trisha slider settings, and Standard slider settings)
  • Custom Menu installation guide with video tutorial, Custom Menu settings for template, and guide to "How to change Custom Menu style"
  • Easy-to-use lightbox settings
  • Changeable backgrounds and buttons
  • Third-party extensions installation guides
  • OnePage Magento Checkout installation guide with video tutorial
  • Shipping Price Calculator installation guide with video tutorial
  • How to change the "jQuery Cycle Plugin" effect for templates without slider manager

Our detailed theme documentation will get you up and running.

If you need an answer fast, you might want to check out Knowledge Base at Magenting.com. This is a great way to solve your issues quickly and easily without contacting us for support.

If you are still stuck, please head over to Support

And one of our support staff will be happy to help you with your issue.

Our team of specialists is happy to be part of Magento, so they’ll listen to you carefully and try to solve every case. Every question has an answer; sometimes it just needs to be uncovered.

Every question adds to our experience, extends our knowledge-base, and improves our services. The more questions asked, the more knowledge collected - and the better service you get.

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